Blessed Heart - Custom Hearthstone Card

Blessed Heart

23rd March, 2019 (RR)

Made by petebar

Gokee 2 years ago
I don't mean to be that guy, but Twinspell is only for the Dalaran Defenders, so Druid, Hunter, Mage, and Paladin.
MurlocAggroB 2 years ago
@RavenKnight It's also 8 mana and not 3. High mana cards need to have huge effects. Lower mana can be balanced around long-term value and work out better.
RavenKnight 2 years ago
The Forest's Aid is 8 mana 10/10 in total stats. That is not a weak stats compared to cost, even if it's not constructed-capable.
petebar (4.1) (creator)2 years ago
Twinspells always have a kind of weak effect according to the Cost ((per)) card. The revealed Twinspell costs (8) and summons 5 Treants. Or Extra Arms that works almost like a Twinspell: You can say it's a 6-Mana give a minion +4/+4. Hope you understood what i mean
Miraide 2 years ago
Could easily cost 2.