Adventure: The Old God Hunt - Custom Hearthstone Card

Adventure: The Old God Hunt

5th June, 2019 (RR)

Made by Braydenthecool

Braydenthecool (creator)2 years ago
V You're suppose to fight the Old Gods, but I was too lazy to finish this adventure.
Cosmic14 (4)2 years ago
One problem i have with this: You don't acctually fight the old gods. You hunt the hunters of the old gods. So are you against the Old Gods, or on their side? (Ps: for future reference, its Heros not Hero's. somthing somthing possesive.)
Braydenthecool (creator)2 years ago
V When I have time, I definitely will.
Kobold Drummer 2 years ago
Would you ever consider adding treasures and/or more bosses?
Braydenthecool (creator)2 years ago
V Also, I thought the swap thing would balance Rayn and Clawd because one hand can be really bad, while the other is pretty good. Or vice versa. If I have to nerf them, I will.
Braydenthecool (creator)2 years ago
V I admit, I did give a little to much favor to Rayn and Clawd (Do you get the pun yet?) and you start with a deck, like in normal Adventures, but once picking the other deck, it is replaced. As for Rayn and Clawd, they do not have separate heath pools, they share the equal health. They just swap back and forth. So, in summary, you replace your first deck with a new one, and Rayn and Clawd do not have the same effect as George and Karl.
Shoemanband (4)2 years ago
I mean, Ghak and A'nor look pretty uninspired in comparison. And what does it mean to choose your deck after the first bosses? Do you start with a different deck at the beginning, and choose a different one?
Shoemanband (4)2 years ago
Rayn and Clawd look pretty OP and overly complicated compared to the others. How does switching your hand and hero work? If it's like the George and Karl fight in Dungeon Run where they have separate Health pools, then you would really have double the Health of the other heroes.
MosnarNoedig 2 years ago
It's my policy to give a promotion to things like this.