The Rat Charmer - Custom Hearthstone Card

The Rat Charmer

1st June, 2020 (RR)

Made by Thimzter

TheArcanist (4.3)1 year ago
Remember that you actually have to generate the Lackey, and then you have 1/8 chance to get the correct one. This would be broken in Rogue, but having a 1/8 chance to get an extra Shudderwock from your random card generation is not broken at all.
darogalvod 1 year ago
using this w/ cobalt spellkin makes it real easy to get some burn spells off & doesn't rely on a minion sticking or weird mana reduction combos
Cosmic14 (4)1 year ago
Oh. I forgot about neutral cards.
Marleon (4)1 year ago
Maybe Dragonqueen's Alexxstaza or some other crazy value generators like Sathorvaar
Cosmic14 (4)1 year ago
Well, I THINK.
Cosmic14 (4)1 year ago
I think the best in standard is Vashj Prime.
Marleon (4)1 year ago
Even out of standard that would be too bonkers, even in wild
D17381 1 year ago
The craziest thing I can think of is Shudderwok, getting Shudderwok, getting Shudderwok etc. But now that that's out of standard, I think its ok
Thimzter (creator)1 year ago