Commander Faelan - Custom Hearthstone Card

Commander Faelan

17th May, 2018 (WW)

Made by Paranoia ()

Tale Teller 8 months ago
The golden one is super strong when there are no cards left in either deck
MrGruyère (3.8)8 months ago
@KiruChan Where do the artworks come from?
KiruChan 8 months ago
Although, if it's a random chance to get each, it would kinda suck to get that when it's not really your gameplan.
Paranoia (3.9) (creator)8 months ago
@KiruChan it's for a heavy control match-up when fatigue is a win condition.
KiruChan 8 months ago
Wait a minute, the Gold Plate just gives your opponent draw doesn't it?
Tale Teller 8 months ago
You definitely accomplished that my dude
Paranoia (3.9) (creator)8 months ago
Thank you :D that's exactly what I aimed for, a card that might not even be competitive, but to show what Hearthstone is about - fun.
Tale Teller 8 months ago
Like it... just that
sharokii 8 months ago
This could be a fun adventure card, though the random artifact might not even work with your deck, making your early game just slow and painful.
That note aside, really awesome card with good art.
Auron2000 8 months ago
The Yellow Map is really powerfull IMO