Rasil Fireborne - Custom Hearthstone Card

Rasil Fireborne

11th June, 2019 (RR)

Made by DragonicDoom

keyvnn9 (4)1 week ago
@Azteranzo I strongly disagree because this effect does literally nothing to game mechanics, so my comment would be so wrong that people wouldnt be able to take it seriously.
Azteranzo 1 week ago
Yes. This is the type of card people actually could misunderstand.
keyvnn9 (4)1 week ago
Should I have put a face there so people got the joke?
Deloa 1 week ago
It's just a 1 mana 1/3 @keyvnn9
Azteranzo 1 week ago
Game-altering? It changes your skin and the look of the basic mage hero power.
keyvnn9 (4)1 week ago
1 mana 1/3 with a game-altering effect is pushing it.
Gokee 1 week ago
Wait this is a real encounter? I had never seen this before.
HearthStoner 2 weeks ago
Drama kilz U, tht is already the effect of Forbidden Summoning. Also, a lot of the dalaran hero poweres are just copies of diffrent hearthstone cards but in hero power form.
Drama_kilz_U (3.7)2 weeks ago
Wouldn't it be more fitting if Rasil Spent the rest of your mana to summon a minion of equal cost. That's what his hero power does.
DragonicDoom (4) (creator)2 weeks ago
This is admittedly not meant to be a powerful card. All it does is let you choose between Vargoth, Kalec and Khadgar (All in their Dalaran Heist skins) and make that your new skin for the duration of the game. Your hero power gets a cosmetic upgrade and you have new emotes, but nothing that actually changes your gameplay. Just a fun little card that I think fits a painter.