Developimp - Custom Hearthstone Card


25th October, 2020 (RR)

Made by petebar

Gothe (4.2)11 months ago
if this does well, there's no need to remake it for a small change like that
petebar (4.1) (creator)11 months ago
@Deloa No. You must have a Corrupted card in your hand, wether this or not corrupted it.
@Gothe That's what i also thought at first but then i was like "That's an Imp". I guess i'll remake the card later
Gothe (4.2)11 months ago
please make the stats on the main body better i get that it's an imp but it can at least be a 3/2
Linwood 11 months ago
@Deloa Corrupt triggers after a minion is played, which I believe is after their battlecry/combo/etc. triggers.
Deloa 11 months ago
Is this supposed to trigger if you Corrupt a card by playing this minion ?