Shadow Word: Devour - Custom Hearthstone Card

Shadow Word: Devour

12th July, 2018 (WW+)

Made by Thunderlust ()

SmugJustice 7 months ago
Void Gazed Back Synergy, and not a bad card to boot.
Matz 7 months ago
This might be a bit too strong though, and honestly, control priest doesn't need a full one-sided board clear that also silences before combo.
Now if it wasn't for mass dispel existing and being part of the core set of Priest, I would love this card, but the combo is just too strong.
Lucious (4.1)7 months ago
8 Mana two card combo: destroy all enemy minions and draw a card. I like it!
Auron2000 7 months ago
Pretty strong with mass dispel