Floor Crawler - Custom Hearthstone Card

Floor Crawler

26th March, 2020 (RR)

Made by CardMaker1

CardMaker1 (4) (creator)5 days ago
Sure, up the Mana! :)
Username 5 days ago
I think that this would be a good pack filler, but I feel like this would fit better in demon hunter. I would also raise the mana cost to 4 or 5. Lifesteal is a powerful keyword.
Marleon (4.1)5 days ago
Penace is 2 mana deal 3 with lifesteal and this comes with a 2/3 lifesteal demon, and considering bundling is worth around 1 mana, it's a 0 mana 2/3 Lifesteal
CardMaker1 (4) (creator)5 days ago