Whack-A-Gnoll - Custom Hearthstone Card


4th December, 2020 (RR)

Made by Turba

King Kuba (4)9 months ago
No Gnoll tag but many Gnolls, 1/5
Kapiork 10 months ago
They're not actual Gnolls, they don't count.
CardMaker1 10 months ago
@King Kuba, no gnoll tag? :thinking:
Turba (creator)10 months ago
Darkmoon Adventure
Turba (creator)10 months ago
@DustenStein You are absolutely right. I made it that way so that I don't need to add 20 hidden mechanics like that. I think that in the adventure it was a part of Shrine mechanic. I guess I could make Gnolls Shrines...
DustenStein (4.1)10 months ago
I feel like silencing or bounce cards are ok to be included. When you silence a gnoll the interaction could be similar to when you silence a Shrine in the RR adventure: it gets removed and then reappears unsilenced
King Kuba (4)10 months ago
I see Gnolls, i rate 5