The Orb - Custom Hearthstone Card

The Orb

26th October, 2020 (RR)

Made by Poondaedalin

Arschgesicht 11 months ago
Gianzic second player andvantage (the coin)
Tibula 11 months ago
I like it
DustenStein (4.1)11 months ago
I like @egg's suggestion if it was 1 mana. 1 mana draw 1 is good. 1 mana draw 2 is nuts. 1 mana draw 0 is :annoy-o-tron:
Deloa 11 months ago
It should still be printed when Rogue doesn't have too many 0-cost card because playing this on turn 1 or 2 can be backbreaking, and maybe even worth putting Wisps in your deck.
In the late game the reward-balance is fine imo.
Noice 11 months ago
This feels like a meme card
Randomizer (3.6)11 months ago
@egg_irl That's 0 Mana draw a card, which is nuts. This seems fine since you're obviously supposed to build around a strong reward.
egg_irl 11 months ago
The downside is too harsh considering how lucky you have to be to have a 0 cost card to use before comboing this. One idea to change this imo is; "Draw 1 card. Combo: Draw 1 more. Corrupt: Draw 1 less."
Poondaedalin (4) (creator)11 months ago
Rebalanced based on criticism. Thoughts?