Kalar, the Chemist - Custom Hearthstone Card

Kalar, the Chemist

3rd September, 2018 (TBP)

Made by Zaphod__ ()

SimHill 3 years ago
merge stonetusk boar + young dragonhawk with this.

Play Dire Frenzy on it.

Draw one of the copies and spam face with it by using Youthful Brewmaster.
SwedishGuy 3 years ago
Im thinking about shenanigans with stonetusk boar + high attack beast for Emeriss shenanigans. Just can't think of a good beast atm.
Malvenius 3 years ago
This could probably (hopefully) be used for some stupidly awesome combos, actually, if one of the beasts drawn by this was shuffled into your deck by dire frenzy, would the resulting zombeast keep the dire frenzy buff?
PoodleFez 3 years ago
nevermind I thought it was 3/6 for no reason
PoodleFez 3 years ago
OP on this card with it's cost/stats but an awesome concept