Keyword: Rune - Custom Hearthstone Card

Keyword: Rune

11th April, 2019 (RR)

Made by Matz

Matz (creator)2 years ago
? I don't I'm still seeing it. Don't know what you're talking about.
no 2 years ago
What happened to the original? it got deleted somehow.
Matz (creator)2 years ago
@SpazzMaticus Yeah I know, but I thought that "Summon a minion" would be pretty broken, especially with the new imp tokens generation tools. This version I feel like could still be played in a Zoolock.
SpazzMaticus 2 years ago
Well, thank you very much for my rune, but play a minion and summon a minion is different. ^^ I think the new Demonic Rune won't see play
DestroyerR (4)2 years ago
@Wiener_Schnitzel you want it, you’ve got it
Matz (creator)2 years ago
@Wiener_Schnitzel Well if people want to make their own standalone cards using my keyword, they are free to do so. I personally haven't feel inspired to do so with other Keywords (apart from maybe 2 or 3).
Now if other keywords creators want to do Community Editions, I agree that this will be more interesting, multiple times I've seen an interesting keyword being made but with badly designed cards as examples.
Wiener_Schnitzel 2 years ago
I hope this sets a trend. So far, custom keywords on here have always been one card and done. It would be very cool if more people started using the custom keywords here, that's bound to result in some very interesting cards that would otherwise be limited by card text length.
Matz (creator)2 years ago

Original keyword thread
Matz (creator)2 years ago
Well it's out! Thanks to everyone that submitted their ideas in the original thread. Unfortunately not all cards submitted made it in, as some were either unbalanced or of poor designed.
If for some reason I get more ideas, I might do a second community editions, but wouldn't bet on it.