Brighwing - Custom Hearthstone Card


11th January, 2019 (RR)

Made by Deloa

Deloa (creator)5 months ago
And also it only gives you your unspent mana crystal so in your example you would have to do nothing with the 7 mana on turn 4 to get them on turn 5.
Deloa (creator)5 months ago
@Rizzla: you're right in theory but to have 7 mana on turn 4 as you said, you would need 1) to do nothing on turn 3 and 2) for this to survive two turns which is very unlikely.
Rizzla 5 months ago
Oh it's back up. I don't know anymore.
Rizzla 5 months ago
I just thought that you play this turn 2, do nothing for turn 3, you have 7 mana on turn 4, and then that spare 7 mana you left over would go over to turn 5. But maybe I'm not reading the card ri-Actually, this card isn't even on the gallery anymore, why am I still commenting?
Deloa (creator)5 months ago
@Joshuo : its effect gives you Mana from your last turn the turn you play it.
Joshuo 5 months ago
I think it is too weak since you will need it to stay alive for it to be useful.
Deloa (creator)5 months ago
*playstyle, not staple.
Deloa (creator)5 months ago
It's a Mana Refresh, but it's hard to really gain a lot (more than 3/4) of Mana with this and you still pay 2 Mana for the minion.
I mean, skipping an entire turn to refresh Mana must be a drawback, right ?
I know it's good for OTK and big swing turns but these have kinda become Druid staples by now.
keyvnn9 (4)5 months ago
Horrificly OP mana refresh in any OTK.
DragonicDoom (4)5 months ago
A very different but awesome effect. Definitely fits into Druid's Mana gaining effects and requires a bit of planning ahead. I'm sure there's some kind of game-breaking combo here somewhere but whatever. Awesome card!
Deloa (creator)5 months ago
I wanted to make 4/5 Mana at first but it was useless since you rarely have more than 5 Unspent Mana Crystal.
Deloa (creator)5 months ago
All unspent mana crystal. @Rizzla : you can't play 10-mana cards on turn 5 with this, only 7-mana (turn 5 minus 2 mana plus 4 from last turn) and only if you skipped your last turn. Remember you have to have unspent mana crystal from last turn.
Buldocek 5 months ago
one mana crystal? or all unspend mana crystals? :D
Rizzla 5 months ago
Bit scary with Druid honestly. I would image dropping down 10 mana cards by turn 5 would be common if this was to become a card. But other then that this is likely my favorite representation of Brightwing (or Brighwing as you call it but whatever), so well done at that.
HAHA1n 5 months ago
Deloa (creator)5 months ago
I made it quite cheap because it would be useless if it was too expensive.