Old Eredar Aavu - Custom Hearthstone Card

Old Eredar Aavu

11th October, 2020 (RR)

Made by maikco

Loxeres 1 year ago
He might have been light-reforged just like
Lothraxion the holy nathrezim. But in that case he should still be a demon, since Eredar are considered demons.
JC1234TheToonist 1 year ago
Or 4. The most plausible and reasonable theory: he's an evil eredar whom was cured by the Light.
JC1234TheToonist 1 year ago
This has a few possibilities: 1. Aavu came before the eredar were corrupted, 2. He wants to bring back the original name to bring back unity for his race, 3. He's falling to darkness and wants to be an eredar.
JC1234TheToonist 1 year ago
The name is kinda weird in a lore sense. The race, known as a whole as "eredar" was disgraced when Archimonde and Kil'jaeden made their deal with Sargeras, giving them and most of the race demon powers. Velen and his followers fled to Azeroth, rejecting the name "eredar" and taking a new name, "draenei" to avoid the ties between their demonized kin.