Royality - Custom Hearthstone Card


3rd June, 2020 (RR)

Made by Marleon ()

Marleon (4) (creator)1 year ago
I think this one is favoring that archetype more, as like this, it's weak without the condition and super strong with it, the way it should be, I believe. If it was just Arcane Intellect with an upside, I think it would be just universally good for every Paladin deck, as Paladin's lack card draw
kala 1 year ago
I can agree with that but not at 3 mana. Paladin shouldn't get arcane intellect. This card is pushing it in terms of power level already when played in pure paladin.
SMILE (4)1 year ago
Should draw 2 and draw 1 more if your deck has no neutral cards.