Merciful Watcher - Custom Hearthstone Card

Merciful Watcher

11th October, 2018 (K&C)

Made by Lemons

Lemons (4) (creator)1 week ago
It doesn't really make sense for it to be a legendary since it isn't a WoW character it is a reference like Rusty Recycler/Wall-E. The text could have been 'At the end of your turn Restore 4 Health to the friendly character with the less Health.
PoodleFez 1 week ago
but, but, but Mercy's a single-target high healer not a low mass-healer (use lucio or something) and she's a specific character not just some nameless common >:/ AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING TRYING TO KICK OUT MY PRECIOUS HEALING TOTEM! I DEMAND JUSTICE!
jk, nice to see OW cards done decently- I've done a couple but they never worked properly. I might try some again.
Lemons (4) (creator)1 week ago
By the way, it is Mercy from Overwatch if you didn't notice!
Lemons (4) (creator)1 week ago
Amazing art for Hearthstone. Thoughts?