Dancin' Deryl - Custom Hearthstone Card

Dancin' Deryl

11th June, 2019 (RR)

Made by DragonicDoom

Turba (3.8)2 months ago
This could work in a balanced way if your there were less than 7 minion spots or if you played a deck that gives your oponent tokens.
Poondaedalin (3.7)3 months ago
Kinda reminds me of I Am Murloc. Cute card either way.
Gonzy89 3 months ago
cool, but this is actual RNG
DragonicDoom (4.1) (creator)3 months ago
Intro: A solo act? Nonono, that simply won't do! Call in the backup dancers.
Death: Curtain call...
Death by one of his own Murlocs: Ow, you stepped on my fin!