Scarlet Blazer - Custom Hearthstone Card

Scarlet Blazer

1st September, 2019 (RR)

Made by Anonymous318

DollmasterDoritos 2 years ago
@Poondaedalin But this is an Earthquake(a 7 Mana spell ) mixed with a War Golem(another 7 mana card), so I think the Overload is fine.
Deloa 2 years ago
@poondaedalin : I don't think there is a rule for Overload + Mana not higher than 10.
keyvnn9 (3.9)2 years ago
@Poondaedalin So, if this casts a better Elemental Destruction, then the current Overload is about right.
Poondaedalin (4)2 years ago
I would make it 7 Mana, Overload: 3. Since Overload is designed to indebt yourself with the unpaid Mana of an otherwise higher-costed card, every card Blizzard has printed with Overload has had the Mana and Overload add up to be less than 10 (Neptulon is 7+3, Earth Elemental is 5+3, etc).
Anonymous318 (creator)2 years ago
Bringing back a toned-down version of the old Crackling Doom effect from Taverns of Time.

I know no one was asking for Dragon Shaman, but eh.