Fox Trick - Custom Hearthstone Card

Fox Trick

9th June, 2021 (RR)

Made by Khoai

Khoai (4) (creator)4 months ago
Haha, thanks for the feedbacks. I understand we lack reliable tools to combo with this in general. General Rogue's tools such as Foxy Fraud does not works with this; or Preparation too situational to combo with this. However, Octo and Scabbs are so fun in this expansion making me want to have cards synergizing with them.
This probably is not a good example at the moment, I think Combo cards would be much better choice for this archetype.
Caesar (4)4 months ago
I like this a lot, in the Barrens we already have Octo and Scabbs to make this work; also Prep in core. Perfect timing to introduce this mechanic, would be cool to combine some Combo effects for Foxy Fraud synergy or minions for Shadowstep/Tenwu shenanigans if you plan on making more like this :finleySmile:
Shoemanband (4)4 months ago
Not sure if it's a great idea since cost reduction effects can be design-limiting and are usually printed sparingly. But, if we see more cards like Scabbs and Foxy Fraud in the future, then it could be worth exploring.
Khoai (4) (creator)4 months ago
I'm experiencing with cards that gains further benefit from cost reducing. Harder to combo since it's not a Combo card, but Octo-bot makes this a powerful inclusion.