Monkey King - Custom Hearthstone Card

Monkey King

11th March, 2021 (RR)

FriendlyShadow (4.1)7 months ago
mhhhhhhh.. monke
DankDaniel 7 months ago
Yea, I just wanted to point is out since It was like my card
Deloa 7 months ago
@Mzop: a 1 Mana 1/3 fits this effect way better than a 6 Mana 4/7 imo, since it can be a negligible effect. 6 Mana 4/7 is very awkward if it doesn't do anything, at least a 1 Mana 1/3 is kind of ok regardless.
Mzop (3.9)7 months ago
yes actually, this is the same card, and it has a 0.5 higher rating...
danmcboss (3.9)7 months ago
its already in the gallery its called augmentor Zratch
1 mana 1/3 lol
danmcboss (3.9)7 months ago
Wait a second.. a few days ago I made a card exactly like yours XD
gardenghi16 (4)7 months ago
Nice way to counter hero cards :wow: