Escape Through Time - Custom Hearthstone Card

Escape Through Time

11th February, 2019 (RR)

Made by hearthstone noob

Randomizer (3.8)4 days ago
6 turns is wayyyyy too long though, make it 3 or something, max 5.
hearthstone noob (creator)4 days ago
It wouldn't come back. Gone forever. But, since it wasn't on the board, no Deathrattles or related effects like Flesheating Ghoul
kala 4 days ago
what happens if there are no board spaces left for the owner?
Wiener_Schnitzel (4)4 days ago
At first I thought this was just a worse Polymorph, but you can actually use this to send a charger in the future and set up a combo of sorts. A good one would be this on Leeroy, then after 3 turns double Molten Reflection on it. Still, 3 turns is a lot, this will be fine as a 2-Cost I think
hearthstone noob (creator)4 days ago
What do you think?
Just a note: In six turns means three of your turns, and three of your opponents.