New Archetype: Frog Shaman - Custom Hearthstone Card

New Archetype: Frog Shaman

13th August, 2019 (RR)

Made by SgtGoat

SgtGoat (4) (creator)5 months ago
Thanks :D
Ragnarok 5 months ago
´This Man´ is litterally the best card created on this site ever
SgtGoat (4) (creator)5 months ago
Yo're right, new 24 cards are too much for only one new archetype, but i wanted that variety, so people could decide which direction they choose.I didn't even made them as one expansion's Shaman cards. I totally see your point, but these are more like a collection of my Frog-related Shaman card ideas with a little Obvious synergy, than a presentation of an archetype with a few card that are must-used in a single deck to work. Thanks for the reply!
SgtGoat (4) (creator)5 months ago
Yes, I think summoning fro your opponent should also count. Im glad you liked it.
Shoemanband (4.1)5 months ago
I admire your effort in making 24 unique Frog cards, but that's way too many cards for one archetype. Classes only get 10 cards per expansion which is usually enough to establish new archetypes or expand on existing ones. By having a lot of cards here, though, it makes the set look confused and unfocused.

Like, this feels like a conglomerate of different archetypes, and it would make more sense if they were instead cut up into their own separate sets. For example, one set of 5 or 6 cards could be about summoning Frogs, another about Toads, another about Beast Shaman, and so on. With all of them together like this, it's hard to evaluate the entire set, let alone evaluate each individual card, if there's no clear focus.
Auron2000 5 months ago
does summoning a beast (a frog) for your opponent count as a summon for the amphibious giant? Anyways I really like the idea and how the cards have been made. 5/5