Instructor Karl - Custom Hearthstone Card

Instructor Karl

3rd October, 2020 (RR)

Made by Cosmic14

Cosmic14 (4) (creator)1 year ago
One more:
You lose to Karl: "Hey-er... Buddy? Are you alright?"
You lose to George: "Come on, you can't just give up now!"
Cosmic14 (4) (creator)1 year ago
Oh, and.
if You cast Tag Team Two!:
Swap Karl: "Wait, Whaa---!"
Swap George: "I'm getting dizzy!"
Cosmic14 (4) (creator)1 year ago

Intro: "Alright, it's training time!"
Response: "Stay focused..."
Uses hero power: "Alright, do your best!"
Uses Tag Team Two!: "O.K George, you're up!"
Taps out: "Alright, those bad guys won't stand a chance!"
You deal lethal damage: "Owie! Save it for the bad guys, alright?"

After swap: "Alright, champion, Let's see how you handle this!"
Response: "Keep your guard up!"
Uses hero power: "Remember: be ready for anything!"
Uses Tag Team Two!: "Teamwork can beat anything!"
Taps out: "Great move. They won't know what hit 'em!"
You deal lethal damage: "Call the healers! But not for them! Owch..."
(Lethal damage is getting them to 0 or less health, by the way.)
Cosmic14 (4) (creator)1 year ago
A nice first boss to get you ready for C'thun. They'll give you a nice, friendly challenge. It might be too strong in terms of health, in which case, let's just say they each "tap out" at 5 health so you don't kill them.