Concept: Battlegrounds Healing - Custom Hearthstone Card

Concept: Battlegrounds Healing

15th June, 2020 (RR)

Made by Netheferious

Stevethebarbarian (3.8)1 year ago
They haven't changed collectibles, unless you count the shredders losing their GVG tag. All they've changed are the various Rumble Run teammates.
MosnarNoedig 1 year ago
Not true - they have changed collectibles in Battlegrounds. Not this dramatically, but they have.
ProteinsOfLove 1 year ago
Kind of important thing to note: You've completely changed the effects of collectible cards, which is a big no no thus far. Might want to look into making these custom minions for these effects,
Netheferious (creator)1 year ago
Wouldn't let me make gold nozdormu's health red for some reason.
Netheferious (creator)1 year ago
Sorry I got interrupted by cataclysmic events while making this. Will finish it now.
MosnarNoedig 1 year ago
It also has no scaling. Like actually none - not even Battlecry buffs.
Rizzla 1 year ago
Seems fun but I'm not sure if it's balanced or not but that's probably just because it's such a unique archetype.
MosnarNoedig 1 year ago
Also, this archetype could use a t6.
gamemaster5004 1 year ago
Golden Injured Blademaster should still do 4 damage to himself just like golden Wrath Weaver still does does 1 damage to your hero.