New BG Tribe: Undead - Custom Hearthstone Card

New BG Tribe: Undead

6th March, 2021 (RR)

Made by LeeroyJenkins ()

LeeroyJenkins (4) (creator)7 months ago
@Kosmyc Sorry, my bad. Ghoul has 3 Health but i accidentaly typed 2.
I also realized that Rivendare is an Undead, but i forgot to add him.
JC1234TheToonist 7 months ago
Since FITB introduced the Battlegrounds Quilboar tribe because the quilboar are the biggest threat to the Horde in the Barrens, then since the Alliance will be featured in the next expansion, I theorize that the Undead tribe will be released in an expansion set where the undead are the biggest enemy of the Alliance. Possibly related to Stratholme or the Scarlet Crusade.
DustenStein (4.1)7 months ago
Also, I'm calling it right now: This guy called it. Within this year, we'll get the Undead tribe for suuuure
DustenStein (4.1)7 months ago
Marrogwar has to be Tier 5 and he's quite a good pick too. He's stupidly good with Rivendare. I think he's good as is
Kosmyc (3.5)7 months ago
cool idea tho
Kosmyc (3.5)7 months ago
Lord Marrowgar is a bit too late to be impactful--it's essentially a Jrax Hero Power, which just feels a bit lame.

Plaguemaw is the same--he just, dosen't do enough damage (I mean by that point Elementals have at least 20-30 health across the board, Pirates have 90/90 minions etc)

I'm not really sure why Unstable Ghoul needed to lose 1 health lol.

Also Sludge Belcher is pointlessly bad--like Infested Wolf and the like.

Plague Eruptor is insanity (With a brann, that's +30/+30 on a 5 undead board, which is INCREDIBLY BROKEN. Not to mention Amalgamadons)
LeeroyJenkins (4) (creator)7 months ago
@Dustenstein My bad, Marauder should be permanent, i probably cancelled it accidentaly. And yes, you're right, Dread Knight is kind of the Egg, but with no Magnetic Sinergy.
DustenStein (4.1)7 months ago
Turov having low Attack in turn makes him vulnerable to Slywick which is fair
DustenStein (4.1)7 months ago
So, I like almost all of that. Undying Marauder is kind of a worse Hyena though and Dread Knight is kind of the Egg but different but the rest seems new enough to work.
LeeroyJenkins (4) (creator)7 months ago
Also in the first comment i mention Unearthed Raptor. He's been removed. (I copy-pasted the comment from the first post.)
LeeroyJenkins (4) (creator)7 months ago
Also, for the triples:
Tokens have their stats doubled;
Undead Soldier is a 4/2 that gives +2/+2;
Undertaker is a 2/4 that gains +2;
Ghoul is as it is in BG;
Bloodlord is a 6/4 thas summons a 4/4;
Friendly Ghoul is a 4/4 that gives +2/+2;
Resurrected Cultist is a 4/6 that gains +2/+2;
Flesheating Ghoul is a 4/6 that gains +2;
Skeletal Knight is a 10/4 that summons two 4/4;
Mummified Guard is an 6/8 that has +4;
Undying Marauder is a 2/8 that gains +2/+2;
Sludge Belcher is a 6/10 that summons a 2/4;
Necrotic Geist is a 10/6 that summons 4/4;
Dread Knight is a 8/8 that summons a 16/16;
Plague Eruptor is a 12/16 that gives +6/+6;
Turov the Risen is a 0/16 that gives +4/+4;
Plaguemaw is a 8/10 that deals 4 damage;
Marrowgar is a 14/10 that gives +2/+2;
Corpse Raiser is a 6/6 with no changes.

Also, yes, Turov boosts himself, that's why it has 0 Attack. That and because in this way i could give him 8 Health to avoid Red Whelps.
LeeroyJenkins (4) (creator)7 months ago
Basically, Undeads are a tribe focused on both the death and the summoning of minions.
Ideal builds would be like:
Marrowgar with Bonemare and Corpse Raiser
A board full of Deathrattles with Plaguemaw
Uneathed Raptor with the Deathrattles of Dread Knight, Marrowgar and Sludge Belcher.
Now remade following the suggestion that this tribe needed more buffs.