Spirit Cleanser - Custom Hearthstone Card

Spirit Cleanser

11th January, 2019 (RR)

Made by CheeseEatingEtc

CaptainMTT 5 months ago
It has a body on top of the effect.
Poondaedalin (3.6)5 months ago
So, this is almost like Reincarnate, correct? (minus the Deathrattle trigger of course)
TheFriendlyEnemy (4)5 months ago
Yeah, it's a very confusing effect for new players.
CheeseEatingEtc (3.9) (creator)5 months ago
Yeah, that one was mine too. Someone suggested I should make it as a minion instead, tbh I don't know why it's doing better.
keyvnn9 (4)5 months ago
I saw a 1 mana spell with this exact effect in the queue yesterday. It didnt make the gallery and got no praise.
PoodleFez (3.7)5 months ago
Really clever effect, well balanced, I freaking love this.