Felshield Custodian - Custom Hearthstone Card

Felshield Custodian

6th September, 2020 (RR)

Made by petebar

keyvnn9 (3.9)1 year ago
I think I saw 1 or 2 DH/Druid dual class cards that did stuff with this theme a while back. Could be an idea
Kosmyc (3.5)1 year ago
Shoemanband (4)1 year ago
This should be a Druid card.
MosnarNoedig 1 year ago
This should be a Fek card.
petebar (4.1) (creator)1 year ago
@Gothe well this didn't come to my mind. Next time this issue happens to me, i'll remake the token just to check. Ty for the suggestion)
Gothe (4.2)1 year ago
have you tried remaking the token?
petebar (4.1) (creator)1 year ago
@Nikko No no the button is shown and everything is normal but the card that i want to add as a token is simply not appearing in the "add token" section. And that happens when i want to add the second or more token which means it works normally for the first token, which is weird. Even if u refresh the gallery queue or simply close the tab, nothing will change.
Gothe (4.2)1 year ago
@Nikko I had a similar thing happen earlier with me. I wasn't trying to create cards or add tokens, but I was on mobile but selected 'Desktop version' but it took me to what i guess was the mobile version (i never saw it before so i thought you just updated it). Eventually it went back after like a half an hour or longer when i checked back.
I think it was just some sorta glitch maybe?
Nikko 1 year ago
So not being able to add tokens on one device is the only issue? What exactly happens? There are no buttons to add it or you can 'add' it but it doesn't work? Mobile version will be back at some point, but there'll be a button or something to switch.
petebar (4.1) (creator)1 year ago
@Nikko the Gallery is back to its normal version and this issue is fixed thank you so much! And yes i am on mobile never on pc, but i select desktop version on mobile. But then one day i also logged in the same acc also on the Ipad (thats where i can add tokens and everything is normal) but then when i come back to mobile its the opposite. I tried everything on the ipad (log out, clear data, close tab) but it did not work. I tried that too on mobile but still. Yes it shows me that i am logged in on my Ipad. Btw, if i ever showed anger or misbehavior pls excuse me i did not mean it, you know how much i love this site and appreciate your hard work.
Nikko 1 year ago
@petebar are you on pc? your browser is loading mobile version for some reason. i'll add a button for switching back i guess. As I understand your issue is not being able to add tokens on one device but not the other? On the device that you have issues on does it say that you're logged in?
petebar (4.1) (creator)1 year ago
Thank you) But uh @Nikko what's wrong with my gallery why is it a single page where all cards are shown under each other in big size omg i can't! I could handle the past issues (they're still here) but i can't with this one( I know it's not your fault idk maybe a glitch or sm but pls try to do something. This comment is here because in this "new version of gallery" i can't find the section of bugs and where we speak directly to nikko. If anyone else is having trouble as i am, i would be happier knowing i'm not alone.
Octotron 2000 (4)1 year ago
Interesting way of getting Armour into DH while also using hero Attack synergy they're known for. Nice one!
King Kuba (4)1 year ago
A fun, fine card