Frostbitten Soul - Custom Hearthstone Card

Frostbitten Soul

4th February, 2021 (RR)

Made by GrandInquisitor ()

GrandInquisitor (creator)8 months ago
This card was intended to target enemy minions and the copies are summoned for you. Though after some criticism, it's clear that if this can target enemy minions, it should only summon 1 copy, and if should only target friendly minions, it should cost 4 mana and not 3.

I based the idea on Priest's starting Duels Treasure, but intended for it to be a collectible constructed card, going off the introduced theme of Freeze Shaman from KFT while not explicitly making it a key part of the "Freeze Shaman" archetype.
keyvnn9 (3.9)8 months ago
It’s not obvious that the creator intended anything, except that this certainly isnt a treasure with both a rarity and KFT emblem
Deloa 8 months ago
On your minion that's still pretty good for 3 Mana compared to Molten Reflection (which is not an amazing card but not awful either).
DustenStein (4.1)8 months ago
The creator obviously didn't intend for this to target enemy minions or intended the copies to be summoned for them.
Deloa 8 months ago
(judging from the first comment, is it supposed to be a treasure ?)
Deloa 8 months ago
It's far too strong imo, summoning a copy of a minion is around 4 Mana, so summoning two for 3 Mana is a bit much.
The freeze aspect is a big upside, usually you don't want to copy your opponent's minion since they can just trade on their turn, but here you freeze it so they can't and you have two, so it's like a delayed mind control.
keyvnn9 (3.9)8 months ago
Sooo much better than the priest signature *treasure*. Freezing your opponent’s Edwin and summoning your own 3 mana 20/20, except not using your whole hand to do it. Your opponent playing Teacher’s Pet on curve, a powerful play until you summon *four*. Flesh Golem coming down on turn 5, a really good opponent draw, until you Freeze it and summon your 32/32.