Professor Frostbreath - Custom Hearthstone Card

Professor Frostbreath

5th September, 2020 (RR)

Made by Marleon ()

Deloa 1 year ago
@bigiie : it's not broken, if anything it pushes Controls deck a little. The damaging spells you use with this need to be good on their own, and good damaging spells usually kill their targets.
Gothe (4.2)1 year ago
Finally, a card to help Pyroblast
bigiie 1 year ago
not broken at all....
DragonicDoom (3.7)1 year ago
Let's see: Swipe, Starfall, Explosive Trap, Rapidfire, Bladestorm, Combustion, Lightning Storm, Tidal Wave, Dark Skies, Hellfire, Holy Nova, Penance, Eye Beam, Immolation Aura, Consecration, Backstab. Seems like a good pool of spells, at least 1 decent one for each class.