Omega-Man - Custom Hearthstone Card


12th July, 2018 (K&C)

Made by DestroyerR

Kapiork 1 week ago
Like just for the flavour. But yeah, it could be an Elemental.
Gothe (3.9)1 week ago
Jipsy Danger is that you?
keyvnn9 (3.7)1 week ago
@DestroyerR Ah sorry, didn't know the reference.
asdheinz (3.7)1 week ago
too strong at this cost imo.
DestroyerR (3.8) (creator)1 week ago
@keyvvn9 it’s supposed to reference Mega-Man, he augments his weaponry with Elemental components in the game
keyvnn9 (3.7)1 week ago
Imo should be an elemental with a different name to fit the elemental theme. Not sure why a Mech is casting invocations.
Drama_kilz_U 1 week ago
Well, it's better than the prerequisite to summoning Al'Akir from all four basic totems.
DestroyerR (3.8) (creator)1 week ago
Elemental invocations make a comeback! Thoughts?