Trickster Jiff - Custom Hearthstone Card

Trickster Jiff

8th September, 2018 (TBP)

Made by Gothe

Sqentontheslime 1 month ago
Also, if this existed in the actual game then I garentee that someone would try and pull off an OTK with Jiff and 30 spell damage, which is hilarious to imagine.
Sqentontheslime 1 month ago
This acts as a strong counter to Ice block and High priest Thekal, but it's done in a way that it's hard to get use out of and even then this won't be dropping particularly early, I like it.
Dimensionologist 1 month ago
Trickster Gif
Schlauchneid 3 years ago
Yeah it solely comes down to healing which is quite a big deal in this meta I think with so many classes that can heal for a lot in the late game. You can heal 5 damage easily but its different if your hero has only 25 max health.
Anonymous318 3 years ago
I'm aware it's mechanically different; I'm talking solely in practice. The only case I see in which face damage and Health cap reduction are felt differently is against an opponent with enough healing to maintain their maximum life total. Namely, decks which wipe the floor with Tempo/Burn Mage.
Schlauchneid 3 years ago
*total = maximum
Schlauchneid 3 years ago
@Anonymous318 I had similar thoughts at first but actually it's not the same. It more cuts the life total of your opponent. Health can be healed, but how Gothe explained it the effect stays. So its more like 'The enemy hero has x less total Health' where it gets cut from the bottom, not the top. Still think its a very clever idea, promoted it btw. :)
Anonymous318 3 years ago
Basically, 'Deal damage equal to your Spell Damage.' There's really no big difference between dealing 2 face damage and killing your opponent at 2 Health.
kermitthedog 3 years ago
Great work Gothe.
Gothe (4.2) (creator)3 years ago
Well, wrong wording on my part at the end there, it's shouldn't be "Oh well" but it's because there isn't much of anything i can do to alter a card once it's entered the gallery.
Gothe (4.2) (creator)3 years ago
@Bingus Well... it lasts until either you die, someone concedes, or your opponent reaches X health, and then this will destroy them... so yes. Perhaps i could have conveyed that better in the wording. Oh well.
Bingus 3 years ago
wait is this like a rest of game sort of deal or is it only when he's on the board?
Gothe (4.2) (creator)3 years ago
@jcroth, no. If you have Spell Damage +1 on the board when you play this, it'll be "Battlecry: When the enemy hero reaches *1* Health, destroy them." Meaning that when their health reaches 1 health or bellow, they're hero will be destroyed, regardless of whether or not you still have the Spell Damage or this on the board.
Shoemanband (4)3 years ago
Great concept, but it would be simpler to have it be "Decrease your opponent's Health by 0." As it is, this requires either an additional indicator to mark the new Health minimum or both players to keep track of it themselves, unless that surprise was what you were going for.
jcroth 3 years ago
Let me get this straight. When boosted by spell damage, the enemy hero dies when their health is the same as the amount of spell damage you have?
Randomizer (3.6)3 years ago
Perhaps the most creative card I've seen in a long time.
Auron2000 3 years ago
What about starting with 1?
Gothe (4.2) (creator)3 years ago
Thoughts? Questions?