The Immovable Object - Custom Hearthstone Card

The Immovable Object

24th May, 2019 (RR)

Made by Lucious

Stevethebarbarian (3.8)1 year ago
Yeah seriously that was so obviously a joke that even [i]I[/i] didn't fall for it.
Quantum 1 year ago
Did i seriously get someone with this?
Azteranzo 1 year ago
You said Immune and Taunt in the... sorry, wrong card
IcyFoe88 1 year ago
Immune minions can't have taunt, so it's just your taunt minions have immune instead of taunt.
Quantum 1 year ago
Wow this boss is soo broken how do you even win against him i mean when he gets to 5 mana you can't attack him at all nice design Immune + Taunt is op do you not know
HastyRagnaros 2 years ago
Basically, Taunt does not work on your opponents turn.
Cosmic14 (4)2 years ago
Anonymous318 2 years ago
You know, I'm not going to bother defending myself either for not getting the joke at first, or for not thinking the joke was that funny after I learned what Lucious's intent was.

I suppose I just have a different sense of humor. Good job, dude.
Lucious (4) (creator)2 years ago
The Immovable Object
Entrance: "So young. So naive."
Emote response: "Please, you're embarrassing yourself."
First time Immune breaks Taunt: "Hmmm..."
Second time Immune breaks Taunt: "How unusual."
Third time Immune breaks Taunt: "I hope you're taking notes."
Boss wins: "Untouchable."
Boss dies (without transforming): You cheat!
Becomes The Unstoppable Force: "This isn't just theoretical, you know?"
The Unstoppable Force
Emote response: "Famous last words."
First time plays Firewall: "If your deck crashes, press the red button in the options."
Boss wins: "Go play Casual, you failure!"
Boss dies: "Class... Dismissed..."
petebar (4.1)2 years ago
OMG best boss in the gallery!!
MosnarNoedig 2 years ago
Because they don't understand.
TheFriendlyEnemy (3.8)2 years ago
I knew when I saw this in the queue this would become a fiesta of people missing the joke.
Shoemanband (4)2 years ago
@Anonymous318 "He's gonna teach you a lesson" about Immune and Taunt.
Shoemanband (4)2 years ago
I wasn't sure if this was a joke until Immovable Orc.
Anonymous318 2 years ago
@Scargames is right. Immune negates Taunt.

Would have worked if the HP simply said Taunt minions can only take 1 damage at a time.
Scargames 2 years ago
Dude, giving a taunt minion immune just makes you have a minion that can't be destroyed THAT CAN be bypassed.
Lucious (4) (creator)2 years ago
Will (try to) do emotes if this gets in the Gallery. Thoughts?