Card Game - Custom Hearthstone Card

Card Game

4th November, 2020 (RR)

Made by Cosmic14

keyvnn9 (3.9)11 months ago
@Turba Hearthstone has always been an RNG-based game. This isnt anything new. People complained about RNG and how the game was falling apart to idiots who want to play casino games... on Prince Malchezaar.
Turba 11 months ago
@keyvnn9 Well yeah... cuz many people dont want the game to be so random... a little bit of RNG is needed but Hearthstone already reached that point
keyvnn9 (3.9)11 months ago
People complain about RNG every expansion like it’s a new thing
k1ll3rm0mJr 11 months ago
@Stevethebarbarian Technically all of Hearthstone is just a big RNG by now...
Riskiace 11 months ago
This feels good. It's similar RNG to guess the weight and just like that it's not so strong everyone will run it but viable enough that someone who's confident can make good use of it.
Fits within the theme of darkmoon fair and works well with the spell damage theme of last set. 5/5
Cosmic14 (4) (creator)11 months ago
Card Game-Ception!
keyvnn9 (3.9)11 months ago
Guess the Weight is skilltesting RNG in the same vein as Envoy of Lazul. Crackle is a card type that has been strongly avoided recently. This is somewhere between.
Randomizer (3.6)11 months ago
Yeah, the guess is not really "terrible RNG," since you can manipulate the card to draw a card frequently. The only truly RNG element would really be the damage, but cards like Crackle already exist. I'd wager to say Guess the Weight is more RNG dependent than this.
TheArcanist (4.3)11 months ago
The guess can be manipulated by casting this on a low-Health minion. If it has 2 or less Health, the draw is guaranteed. You can also shoot something with more than 5 Health to ensure you don't kill it.
Cosmic14 (4) (creator)11 months ago
And here I was feeling all proud. It's still a card. It's still good. It's cheaper than Imp-losion and the avrage damage is still 3.5. At worst it's a 3 mana deal 2. At best it's deal 5 and draw. Like yogg, it's enough to be balanced.
Stevethebarbarian (3.8)11 months ago
Terrible terrible terrible RNG. Just the same as Imp-losion, not only does this put your fate entirely in the hands of a random number generator with a variance of over 100%, it also makes the situation even better if you win and even worse if you lose, exacerbating the problem.
Cosmic14 (4) (creator)11 months ago
"You can't destroy that Am'Gam rager! It's too powerful!"
"Watch Me."