Tauren Omenseeker - Custom Hearthstone Card

Tauren Omenseeker

27th January, 2020 (RR)

Made by SheepWithPants

Cosmic14 (4)1 year ago
Mhhhh! Mhhh Mhhh!
SheepWithPants (creator)1 year ago
*casts Silence before my Secret gets out*
IcyFoe88 1 year ago
@SheepWithPants stop acting like you're not an employee for blizzard who is sneakily leaking that thrall is the newest druid hero
SheepWithPants (creator)1 year ago
Getting mad that his opponent burned the Corrupted Blood he put in their deck :D

(In honesty, I just picked the art that best fit the look I wanted for the card and hoped people wouldn't look too closely. But you can easily see that card as representing the opponent getting burned, and not the player doing the burning.)
Yoshi 1 year ago
What's Thrall doing on a druid card?
SheepWithPants (creator)1 year ago
Works together with Ysera, Astral Tiger, and Elise. Counters Bombs, Ambushes, Weasels, Albatrosses, and The Darkness. Thoughts?