Graveyard Update - Custom Hearthstone Card

Graveyard Update

8th August, 2021 (RR)

Made by Caesar

nutter666 2 months ago
Forgot to add the card haha
nutter666 2 months ago
You inspired me to make a card to go with this too. Whilst you went down the undead route, I went down the shadowlands/afterlife route.
Caesar (4) (creator)2 months ago
@Kuba ye- yeah~ one of my two brain cells likes playing tricks on me, guess Infiltrator won't be then, but DR Rogue is still there :chicken:
@Shadow thanks, love it :tinyfin:
@Mega-Pixel yeah Shadowlands sounds cool, but Graveyard is common terminology (what TheFriendlyEnemy said) :finleySmile:
FriendlyShadow (4.1)2 months ago
I really like it. I think Blizzard should make something similar.
"Graveyard" would be an interesting game mechanic and it would be good to know who died during the game. :thinking:
But that's just my thought.
I still remember that I thought the new Questlines would be Balanced, and now they control Meta.

In any case, for this much of your work, I will send you this:
TheFriendlyEnemy (3.8)2 months ago
@Mega-Pixel Using the word "graveyard" builds familiarity. I can see that word on this Hearthcards post and instantly understand what it is, what cards it contains, what synergies it might have, etc. Calling this the Shadowlands would be like renaming the hand or deck zones because "they sound ripped-off from other games".
King Kuba (4)2 months ago
I mean, Infiltrator Lilian to be specific
King Kuba (4)2 months ago
Lillian Voss is not an Undead dummy, it's her Forsaken form only :tinyfin:
Mega-Pixel (3.9)2 months ago
I like the idea but calling it graveyard sounds very dumb and ripped-off from other games when you could just call it Shadowlands which is a more friendlier to lore and sounds more unique
Caesar (4) (creator)2 months ago
@Shadow glad to hear it! :finleySmile:
@Switcherland it would be a huge update like the Core Set, there's so much potential to add things, but holidays are only so long and I would never finish it :tinyfin:
Also thought about introducing the Death Knight class in this update, would love to see it :chicken:
Switcherland (3.8)2 months ago
Is this for a custom expansion? It would be a great idea for one.
FriendlyShadow (4.1)2 months ago
OMG this is soo goof. I like it.
Caesar (4) (creator)2 months ago
Finished :tinyfin:
I've been working on this for a while, think it would be nice to have Undeads.
The changes to existing cards are just examples, I usually don't like doing it so take them as informational changes :finleySmile:
CakeIsGood 2 months ago
CakeIsGood 2 months ago
Wait your making tokens nvm
CakeIsGood 2 months ago
Would love this in game but it would be cool if there was some class cards inclueded as well:reno: :finleySmile: