Memeish Chat - Custom Hearthstone Card

Memeish Chat

19th August, 2022 (RR)

Made by HolyBrandon

HDkiller_45 6 months ago
MonkeDrip#1456 1 year ago
HDkiller_45 1 year ago
1tab1tab 1 year ago
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Ignitortube 1 year ago
:rainbow: :skelehead:
HolyBrandon (creator)1 year ago
Can one of you guys vote on my Kel'Thuzad card? :skelehead: It needs 1 vote to get into the gallery.
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CakeIsGood 1 year ago
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Caesar (4.1)1 year ago
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HolyBrandon (creator)1 year ago
Ah yes
DustenStein 1 year ago
HolyBrandon (creator)1 year ago
When you compress a fart :skelehead:
thebeanieboolab 1 year ago
Sorry, wrong card.
thebeanieboolab 1 year ago
Here's one I came up with.
HolyBrandon (creator)1 year ago
@Noob, Yeah :D

Anything meme related goes here, weather it's making fun of the stupid standard meta, or cards.

As long as it's 'memeish' it goes here.

this includes emote spam. :faelin: :faelin: :faelin: :faelin: :skelehead: :skelehead: :skelehead: :skelehead: :skelehead: :reno: :reno: :reno: :reno: :woodenReno: :woodenReno: :woodenReno: :woodenReno: :woodenReno: :gonk: :gonk: :gonk: :gonk: :gonk:
LeeroyJenkins 1 year ago
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DustenStein 1 year ago
I'd rather see meme sets have their own thing. Also, what are separating memes for? Just do that in friendly chat. I don't think anyone would complain :chicken:
Noob 1 year ago
So wait... Id it's for general memes, does that mean we can post meme cards? :chicken:
Rabotyga 1 year ago
:skelehead: :skelehead: :skelehead: :skelehead: :skelehead: :skelehead:
Kapiork (3.9)1 year ago
CakeIsGood 1 year ago
When youre the last person to comment and people stop commenting for 3 hours :skelehead:
HolyBrandon (creator)1 year ago
Imagine playing priest in 2022 :skelehead:
CakeIsGood 1 year ago
Your average stormwind fan :smorc:
Your average horde enjoyer :bob:
HolyBrandon (creator)1 year ago
:alliance: :horde: :faelin:
Murozondy 1 year ago
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HolyBrandon (creator)1 year ago
:gonk: :skelehead: