New Class: Buccaneer - Custom Hearthstone Card

New Class: Buccaneer

22nd May, 2020 (RR)

Randomizer (4.1)1 week ago
That Hero Power way too powerful. Adding two 1/1s to your hand, as shown by that 1 Mana 1/1 Rogue card, is about 0 Mana, which is the value of most 2-Mana Hero Powers. It's just a lot of value, and with Pirate synergies it's basically a 1-Mana supplement for draw. Could stand to be 2-Mana.

Otherwise, this class looks solid. I don't really like a tribe to be the center of a whole class, but there's clearly a direction here. You should compile this class in the Class Creator too, hopefully with our efforts we can make it a mainstay in hearthcards instead of an obscure tool in Alpha hell.
keyvnn9 (4)1 week ago
I guess nowadays the class creator is just obsolete.