Into the Abyss - Custom Hearthstone Card

Into the Abyss

24th December, 2019 (RR)

Made by KaptainHank

Cosmic14 (4)1 year ago
Ah, yes. If you're building an archetype around this, this makes more sense. Still... All minions have Lifesteal. Very strong.
KaptainHank (creator)1 year ago
I thought about putting all of the support cards in the same submission as this, but I felt that that would have been a bit excessive. And yes, the quest relies on those other cards I created.
DestroyerR (4)1 year ago
@Cosmic14 look at the other cards @KaptainHank made alongside this
Puncheon Golem 1 year ago
Cosmic14 (4)1 year ago
No, seriously. How?
Cosmic14 (4)1 year ago
Question: how are you supposed to do this without playing this in preist?