Sorcery Trifecta - Custom Hearthstone Card

Sorcery Trifecta

16th July, 2021 (RR)

Made by MaliceAlice

keyvnn9 (3.9)3 months ago
This is not “entirely too overpowered”. 10 mana 6 card OTKs are nothing new
DustenStein (4.1)3 months ago
I don't think so. This requires two copies and a spell (effectively 3 cards) to be slightly stronger than Malygos, a single card without any condition
Spacetime0419 3 months ago
Yeah this is just entirely too overpowered. Literally even without Octobot in standard (LOL with it) this is disgusting. This makes OG maly look terrible.
King Kuba (4)3 months ago
5 stars power-wise judging by the comments
keyvnn9 (3.9)3 months ago
Malygos Prep Wicked Prep Wicked Sinister
or with 1 Octobot
Malygos Wicked Wicked Sinister
Spacetime0419 3 months ago
Prep>play two of these>wicked>sinister>sinister=30 damage for 10 mana. Bonus points for another prep>wicked for 42 damage.