Sulgadron - Custom Hearthstone Card


23rd December, 2019 (RR)

DestroyerR (4)1 year ago
Yeah, my bad. It’s in the queue now
Tchouchee 1 year ago
@DestroyR Ahhhhhhhh, now it should be a good card! (:
DestroyerR (4)1 year ago
Oops! My bad guys, it’s supposed to be “on your opponent's turn”. I’ll remake it
keyvnn9 (3.9)1 year ago
If even one of these is left on the board after, you can just proc it again
~Starlight~ 1 year ago
WAY too overpowered. Especially in Rogue; just play this, shuffle a ton of copies into your Deck, then backstab it. Forces a board clear and you have about 5 other copies in your Deck. Warrior? Whirlwind/Inner Rage. Mage? Hero Power. It's at worst a 9 mana 35/40, which is either an instant win or forces a board clear when only 1 card was used.
EskimoSlime 1 year ago
This+inner rage
SadmanV2 1 year ago
This should be a dragon to prevent OTK, also @Tchouchee has a good point, this card is just stupid in hunter
Tchouchee 1 year ago
Should cost 8 Mana for this reason...
Tchouchee 1 year ago
@Nichodemons Yeah, and I've got an idea for OTK Hunter to be used in Wild:

T9: Emperor Thaurissan (whilst Tundra Rhino, Rapid Fire and Sulgadron in hand)

T10: Play Tundra Rhino and then Sulgadron and then target Sulgadron with Rapid Fire and then you've got a 32/41 in total stats with Charge.

And.....GG (:
Damon 1 year ago
6 5/5 turn 9 in mage with the HP
Nichodemons (4)1 year ago
OTK Hunter incomming
DestroyerR (4)1 year ago
@Tchouchee it’s a Hydra, so no
Tchouchee 1 year ago
Now this is a good card! (; Isn't it a Dragon though? I may be wrong...