Blacksmith Sarah - Custom Hearthstone Card

Blacksmith Sarah

20th August, 2019 (RR)

Made by BobOrVagana

BobOrVagana (creator)2 years ago
Also, I loved making encounters like this! Expect to see more soon.
BobOrVagana (creator)2 years ago
This is the Updated Version! I am happier with this one. Thoughts?
BobOrVagana (creator)2 years ago
Blacksmith Sarah is a friendly encounter like Bartender Bob. Unlike Bob, she runs a Smithy as oppose to a Tavern. The difference is that in Sarah's Smithy there won't be any minions on board, there will be Tools. You can interact with a Tool by clicking on it. To use a tool you'll need to spend Coins. Coins are the same as Bob's Coins. Coins are also used in Interactions which are different versions of cards from Bob's Tavern. (Also special thanks to SirCat for giving me the idea to change Sarah's description)