Darnassus' Hippogryph - Custom Hearthstone Card

Darnassus' Hippogryph

23rd May, 2020 (RR)

Jupi19 (3.9)1 week ago
Just check out my profile or its on the custom hs reddit by the name of war of the thorns.
Jupi19 (3.9)1 week ago
This is my set
Stevethebarbarian (3.8)1 week ago
I think he meant Zilliax.
Anonymous318 (4.1)1 week ago
I confused; why would you compare this to Zephrys?
Randomizer (4.1)1 week ago
Where can we find your Hunter custom set? Also this card's pretty strong compared to Zephrys, a universally played card. Could be a 3/2
Jupi19 (3.9)1 week ago
This is part of my hunter custom set, I would be very glad if you check it out!
keyvnn9 (4)1 week ago
The art is just regular Hippogryph