Foxy Apprentice - Custom Hearthstone Card

Foxy Apprentice

9th January, 2021 (RR)

Made by King Kuba ()

Shoemanband (4)9 months ago
Foxy Fraud's effect makes sense with Combo cards since it activates the Combo. This card doesn't have that same level of interaction with spells in Mage, it's just a free 3/2. Now if it had Spell Damage, that would be a different story.
keyvnn9 (3.9)9 months ago
Ok, good to know
King Kuba (4) (creator)9 months ago
It was supposed to be "this turn"
keyvnn9 (3.9)9 months ago
I will be honest, when I first read this I thought it was this turn
Poondaedalin (4)9 months ago
Turn 2 Foxy Apprentice
Turn 3 Foxy Apprentice
Turn 4 Power of Creation
Fair and balanced
Randomizer (3.6)9 months ago
Make it "next spell this turn" and it'll be balanced.
keyvnn9 (3.9)9 months ago
Shadowstep is also a huge part of why Fraud is busted
keyvnn9 (3.9)9 months ago
Compares to Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Better if you only cast 1 spell, worse otherwise
TheArcanist (4.3)9 months ago
This is absurdly strong. Foxy Fraud is a broken card and it only works with Combo cards and on the same turn. This allows you not only to gain massive tempo, but to cheat out like a Power of Creation on 6 or an LPG on 5.
TotallyNotMinx 9 months ago
This would be more at home in Scholomance! Also, consider 2-mana 2/2, I think the card's really strong, Tempo Mage on turn 2 doesn't have to choose between 2-drop and frostbolt, can do both. Too strong in the early game ;-;, and a free 3/2 later on.