Escape Root - Custom Hearthstone Card

Escape Root

6th August, 2020 (RR)

Made by Randomizer ()

CreatorofPillowFight 1 year ago
Each turn, hagatha's gains deal 1 damage to all minions, while this gains deal 1 damage or draw a card. (let's say 1 choose one per turn). So that's deal 4 (or 6 if i misunderstood it) damage or draw 3 cards after 2 things in which case it's fair. But people who run hagatha's ussually keep it until it gets to REALLY big numbers. You wont make one choice per turn, i guess, but I feel like even then it's fair. Actually, I just realize that either you'll draw 2 and deal 4, or draw 1 and hold it until you can deal 20-ish damage face.
kala 1 year ago
5 seems appropriate. In a deck that runs this, there will be enough choose one cards to get a minimum of two improvements, often more. It's weaker than hagatha's scheme in some ways, but hagatha's scheme doesn't draw cards and is a board clear (druid's weakness) where this is single target removal. The comparison doesnt make total sense to me. I'm a big fan of this card though.
Cosmic14 (4)1 year ago
True, but there aren't that many Choose One cards out there. I'd split the diffrence and make it 4 mana. 5 mana makes this signifigantly weaker than Hagatha's Scheme, which is what I'm comparing it to.
Randomizer (3.6) (creator)1 year ago
@Cosmic You sure? You only need to play two Choose One cards while you hold this to make it worth it. 3 Mana and even the base form's playable.
Cosmic14 (4)1 year ago
It's good, but requires a hellova setup. 3 mana might do.
Randomizer (3.6) (creator)1 year ago
After realizing that I could make this pun, I couldn't resist making this card.

This card improves as you play Choose One cards while this is in your hand. Whenever you choose the left most option (like deal 3 damage with Wrath), this card will draw 1 more card. Whenever you choose the right most option (like deal 1 damage and draw 1 card with Wrath), this card will deal 2 more damage. The 2 damage wording is consistent with Reno's Gatling Gun. Thoughts?