Mouth Smash - Custom Hearthstone Card

Mouth Smash

2nd June, 2018 (WW)

CattoFromSpace (3.8)1 year ago
keyvnn9 why you just butchered All-Star
keyvnn9 (3.8)1 year ago
Somebody once told me the world was macaroni, so I took a bite out of a treeeeeee... It tasted kinda funky so I spat it at a monkey and the monkey started swearing at meeeeeee...
alberto1111 1 year ago
Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me...
Anonymous318 (3.9)1 year ago
King Kuba (4.1)1 year ago
@Nydo For having all ogres in collection
Nydo 1 year ago
This card is compensating for something...
SmashUrComputrz 1 year ago
[PornHub] Mouth Smash
LarryMoments 1 year ago
Not enough onions. 0/10
Bingus 1 year ago
I like how it has the same stats and cost as Boulderfist OGRE
darkray8 1 year ago
Zul 1 year ago
DUDE WHY NOT CALL THE SPELL “Somebody once told me“???????