Mouth Smash - Custom Hearthstone Card

Mouth Smash

2nd June, 2018 (WW)

CattoFromSpace 10 months ago
keyvnn9 why you just butchered All-Star
keyvnn9 10 months ago
Somebody once told me the world was macaroni, so I took a bite out of a treeeeeee... It tasted kinda funky so I spat it at a monkey and the monkey started swearing at meeeeeee...
alberto1111 10 months ago
Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me...
Anonymous318 (3.7)10 months ago
King Kuba (3.9)10 months ago
@Nydo For having all ogres in collection
Nydo 10 months ago
This card is compensating for something...
SmashUrComputrz 10 months ago
[PornHub] Mouth Smash
LarryMoments 10 months ago
Not enough onions. 0/10
Bingus 10 months ago
I like how it has the same stats and cost as Boulderfist OGRE
darkray8 10 months ago
Zul 10 months ago
DUDE WHY NOT CALL THE SPELL “Somebody once told me“???????