Arcane Think-O-Matic - Custom Hearthstone Card

Arcane Think-O-Matic

3rd September, 2018 (TBP)

Made by FrostLich

Shreddy 3 years ago
It could be 2/7 in order to synergize with Star Aligner, that would seem nice! It also just lacks the ''Mech'' tag, according to its name and picture. Otherwise, the card is quite good, simple and effective, I like it. :)
JingleQuells 3 years ago
i think it could stand to be a 3/6, but this is solid balance, able to fetch a c'thun or tess for the finish. 5/5.
FrostLich (creator)3 years ago
This is neutral tho
keyvnn9 (3.9)3 years ago
They already have Juicy Psychmelon.
FrostLich (creator)3 years ago
I know this has terrible stats for it's cost, but I did that to balance the fact that it would be OP in combo decks. (Ex. Malygos, Oakheart, Hadronox, etc)