Zalekor, The Ferocious - Custom Hearthstone Card

Zalekor, The Ferocious

14th March, 2018 (K&C)

Made by GibberingMaw

GibberingMaw (creator)3 years ago
Zalekor hits first, then the Imps have like a ! above them and they then hit his target. Even if he died.
Linwood 3 years ago
No, it doesn't summon 22/2. Read before commenting.
LordMrglgr 3 years ago
So it summons 2 22/2 imps OP
PCubiles 3 years ago
I would say the first way, that's why the imps says if able.
Topandito 3 years ago
How does this work? Do they all hit it even if the first hit kills it? Does Zalekor hit first and then the imps or the other way around?