Freakshow Magician - Custom Hearthstone Card

Freakshow Magician

7th April, 2021 (RR)

Made by Elemastermind

Kapiork 1 week ago
ngl i would like to see just how busted this would be
Spacetime0419 1 week ago
For that matter, you could target shadowstep with this, and just start popping off. My god this card would be busted.
Spacetime0419 1 week ago
This is so busted. 3 extra librams. 3 extra fireballs. 3 wicked stabs. If not 6 with a second copy. This gives some classes WAY too much reach. I just see a rogue playing this, stepping it, playing it, getting like 7-8 stabs in hand, triggering an octobot, and one shotting someone.
Sqentontheslime 1 week ago
It's hard to find corrupted art, I think this makes sense even without it.
KevinLin 1 week ago
Corrupt cards pls
Sikarno 1 week ago
ok so... wheres the corrupt card?
Elemastermind (4) (creator)1 week ago
"And for my next trick, I shall conjure a fireworks show!" Thoughts?