Just Deserts - Custom Hearthstone Card

Just Deserts

22nd June, 2019 (RR)

Anonymous318 2 years ago
Did some Googling and you're right.

Just Desserts is the much more common spelling, not just as the Yugioh card. I have personally never seen the supposed correct spelling used, but I won't argue with history.
Wiener_Schnitzel 2 years ago
@Anonymous318 this is a common misconception, actually. The phrase is "just deserts", with "deserts" being a word for something you deserve (hence the single "s").

I also only found out the correct spelling yesterday, always thought it was "desserts", probably because of the yugioh card.
GoldenCommonsFTW 2 years ago
I like this card a lot. The idea of a Paladin punishing minions for committing acts of violence is really flavourful.

Not sure about the balance though. It's a really powerful card against aggro since most minions in those decks end up dealing more damage than their health, so this will most likely be a 4 mana clear the board. It's also good against most big minions since they tend to have attack equal or higher than their health. But you have to let the minions you want to clear deal damage first which may be a big deal. You can't just clear the board as soon as your opponent plays the minions you want to clear. All things said, I'm fine with the balance of this card. Great idea ^^
Anonymous318 2 years ago