Back Ally Bargaineer - Custom Hearthstone Card

Back Ally Bargaineer

13th January, 2021 (RR)

Made by Deejoeywang ()

DustenStein (4.2)3 days ago
It's almost like Battlegrounds
DustenStein (4.2)3 days ago
Warlock is not an aggro only class. Even though paying 1 Health would work in Warlock, mana fits the flavour more and gives you an interesting choice: "Do l pick the Legendary I know I'll be able to play which is not-so-good or do I re-roll until I get that Tickatus?"
nutter666 3 days ago
Paying 1 health would probably fit better thematically in Warlock and also give you a better chance of being able to play your chosen card in the same turn. Otherwise you've spent a large amount of mana on a 3/3 and a card you can't use until next turn. That's a big tempo loss for a class like warlock.
Deejoeywang (4) (creator)3 days ago
You can keep paying to refresh the stock over and over again, but this of course will use up lots of mana.
Gokee 3 days ago
Can you refresh over and over or only once?
Sofalax (3.9)4 days ago
REALLY cool idea.
5 stars.
Deejoeywang (4) (creator)4 days ago
Basically a fourth option to pay 1 mana will come up and if you choose it, the Discover refreshes and you have ne minions to choose from.